About me

We are a company concerned in engraving of various kinds of
metals such as gold, silver, steel, brass, aluminum, bronze and
alumina. Engraving is a technology that replaces traditional hand
engraving and creates indelibly traces in the shape of an image,
emblem, ornamentation, or a font on the surface of a metal object.
We work with a mechanical CNC machine that works on the
principle of thrusting a precision diamond needle and a laser that
uses a beam to remove thin layer from the surface to engrave the
We especially focus on engraving jewelry, gifts and promotional
items, various metal tools and souvenirs. We are constantly
updating our technology and offering our customers new products
and engraving options not only in the form of prints and photos.
Within our technology portfolio we are also able to engrave rings
and wedding rings according to the customers requests.
Most of the times people choose engraving to make gifts.
Engraving any image or text on a gift has specific meaning and it
becomes part of their life for many years.
As a company existing on a market for 17 years, we have been
working with many advertising agencies, jewelers and goldsmiths
to make customized jewelry for you according to your preferences.
I believe that my offer will appeal to you and we look forward to
working with you.